Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Dresser Makeover!

I love spring time! Why? Because it just inspires you to get creative! If you know my family life at all, you know that we are very cozy in our lil' cabin in the woods. ;) Meaning until we begin our renovations we're tight on space. As any Mom, my goal would be to be totally organized but lets be realistic... I have 4 kids...  #real life struggle

I also love saving some money so rescuing this lil' ole dresser from our shed was perfect for our media storage needs! It added a bright pop of color in the kids/our gym area and makes this MaMa feel like she's a lil' ant step closer to being organized!

Here's how I achieved the perfect distressed look for us!


The dresser, being a cheap made one, had a sheen to it so I primed it first with my favorite primer, Gripper! You can find it at your local Home Depot!
After that I brushed on my peek through color being sure to focus on applying it to the edges that furniture normally shows wear. For both my peek through color and main color I used Glidden paints also from Home Depot!

Alright ya'll... Sometimes you have to improvise! lol! I normally use Vaseline but couldn't find it any where! See! I told you I'm trying to focus on getting organized! ;)  I did however find some Aquaphor which works just as well but I'd still recommend using Vaseline cost wise! I applied this after my peek through color was dry along a majority of the edges, again...where the furniture would normally show wear (were my peek through color was)

My tip of the day.... I'm not gonna lie, I'm a lazy painter sometimes! lol! Using a sheet of heavy duty foil saved me from having to wash out my paint tray! You're welcome!

I then applied/rolled on my main color!

The exciting part.... Taking fine sand paper and hitting the edges, taking off the top layer of color, therefore exposing the peek through color!

Have I told you how addicted I am to distressed things!

Although I didn't need to I did seal it with a wax to help preserve it. Ya know... 4 kids! ;)

Added some cute bronze knobs and finally.... the finished product! Family approved!

Have a Blessed Day Ya'll!