Sunday, November 22, 2015

Planner CaRaZy!!!

Let me start out by saying how head over heels I am about my husband because he lets me shop for myself for Christmas! Another thing I'm head over heels for... Pretty Things! Pretty Graphics! Pretty Planners! Pretty Patterns! Ahhhhhgggg.... I just can't get enough!!! 

So let me rewind a second! Last Christmas I tried my first designer planner. An Erin Condren planner! Love the graphics and the personalization but style wise it just wasn't the right fit for me but definitely check her amazing products!
Fast forward to now....
I have spent many hours searching for what I think is my soul mate planner! 
Fingers crossed and an Etsy order placed, I'm hoping that I'm a step closer to "the one"!
I purchased the follow goodies from a cute lil' Etsy shop called SharBearCrafts

Did I tell you how much I love patterns and metallics! Ooooooh... METALLICS! ;)

And can you say Platinum!!!

And I just can't.... Polka Dots!!! #love

Now for all the little goodies to make it even more fabulous!!! 

Dash Board Inserts

Calendar Stickers

Must Have Stickers

Washi Tape Book

So.... Here I sit already anxiously awaiting for it to come in because let's be honest folks.... The hubs will let me rip open the box and start creating my special little master piece because he loves me even though it's not Christmas yet! Right babe! ;) 
Bring on 2016!!!

Stay tuned for my personal review! 
Blessed always... T

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