Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It's all about details

Details can make a huge difference  when it comes to final touches!  I have to have things flow as far as design! For example.... Who had to color match her exterior outlets? This girl!!! Lol! Here's how I made it happen!
My ugly commercial grey outlet covers!

I'd like to think I'm genius but... I'm not! ;) I did however manage to come up with this nifty idea to prop open the covers since they were spring loaded with my handy dandy paint can openers! 
Found the perfect color by Rustoleum. 

After one coat of paint

Didn't I say it's all about the details! ;)
Perfect way to make sure your screws blend in too! Poked them into a piece of styrofoam so they stayed up right while spraying!

After the first coat was dry I put them on the exterior wall of my shed. Taped and sprayed another coat to cover any exposed grey from being hinged open!

Tadaaaaahhh!!!  And here's how they turned out! So much prettier than the commercial grey color!
Till next time!!!!

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